Spring-piston rifles for acquiring initial skills in shooting.

High quality, reasonable price and universal design define the rifles as ideal weapon for sporting and plinking:

  • trigger group can be adjusted for trigger location, travel and pull;
  • adjustable stock length;
  • provision to mount scope or red-dot sight.

Fixed barrel, heavy duty side-cocking lever and the pellet feed by slide feeder secure excellent patterning.

Cocker’s lock-up mechanism delivers safe handling and prevents a shot if the cocker is not fully latched.

IZH-60 - single loader.

Material of the forend and stock - plastic.


Calibre 4,5 mm (.177)
Group size, mm 8,5
Muzzle velocity, m/s 150
Muzzle energy, J, max 7,5
Barrel length, mm 450
Overall length, mm 775
Weight, kg 2,1

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