The "revolutionary" design of SKIF A-3000 CO2 pistol for the first time in the history of the pneumatic weapon uses a conveyor principle of magazine operation in which every pellet calibre 4.5 mm (.177) is loaded in a separate roller. The 28-shots magazine allows to use steel copper covered balls calibre of 4.5 mm and all kinds of lead pellets with length not more than 7.6 mm, loading in any sequence. The movable barrel minimizes gas leak at a shot due to absence of gaps while barrel hits the valve.

A-3000 Series is remarkable for its technological innovations lever system of CO2 bulb punch, movable slide, slide catch, comfortable safety lever, adjustable rear sight, single action hammer position is possible. Removable slide makes the maintenance easier.

Technical parameters

Caliber 4,5/.177
Overall dimensions 185õ144õ31,5/36,8 mm
Weight of loaded / unloaded pistol 785/720 gr.
Barrel length 116,5 mm
Magazine capacity 28 shots
Shots from one CO2 bulb 75
Quantity of barrel grooves 6
Grooves length 400 mm
Grouping at 10 m 1 in (2,4 cm)
Trigger mechanism double action
Double action trigger pushing force 4,2 kg
Single action trigger pushing force 1,4 kg
Ammunition Weight, gr. Muzzle velocity, m/s Ammunition type
Double action Single action
Gamo Pro Magnum 0,51 116 106 Lead pellets
Gamo Match 0,5 123 112 Lead pellets
Crosman Premier 0,68 109 108 Lead pellets
Gamo Round 0,53 123 120 Lead balls
BB 0,35 136 135 Steel copper covered balls
À-3000 À-3000

Grooved steel movable barrel guarantees the high precision and reliability of shooting. SKIF allows shooting with any type of lead and plastic pellets with maximum length not more than 7.6 mm.

Additional features

  • Transparent polycarbonate hit-proof plastic magazine with conveyor type feeding mechanism of containers for all types of ammunition allows for usage of different types of pellets in any sequence. Rollers- containers are made of polyamide-66 with additions of 30% fiberglass, they provide for roller life period of at least 5000 shots. One can use both steel and lead balls, as well as lead and plastic pellets with maximum length not more than 7.6 mm. Transparent magazine allows to control the availability of ammunition in each roller. Magazine is easy to be removed from the pistol using the side latch on the trigger guard.
  • Rear sight is made as per MIM (Metal Injection Molding) technology.
  • Steel hammer is also made as per MIM technology allows for cocking for Single action shooting.
  • Transparent magazine allows shooting in any position: it is easy to be charged into grip ana removed out of it as in the firearm.
  • Unique CO2 bulb punch-and-lock mechanism is integrated with the pistol frame.
  • Magazine latch is double sided for comfortable magazine change both for right-handers and left-handers.
  • Steel slide catch allows for comfortable control of slide position with regard to frame with shooter's thumb.

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